Friday, July 4, 2008

I have a lot of friends...
but there are only three who really close to me..
there are hani, tyas, ella..
what do you think about my friendzzz...
one of my hobby is listening to the music..
generally i like RnB music..
For the singer I like Rihanna and Chris Brown
you want some mp3??
send what u want to my email or just send it here..
i'll be looking for these mp3 for You and send it to you email..
dont forget to write your email adress to.
easy step, right??
or you want something else just tell me and i will reply that..

I want you add your comments here about who is the hottest actor in hollywood..
I think Zac efron is the hottest.
but what do you think???
may be you hate Zac Efron??
Its okay.
just expressing your feeling here..
I'll be waiting....

for the first

welcome to my blog,,
I'm Nabilla, or You can Call me Bella...
Do you know what this blog for???
this blog 100% for making friends... a lot of friendss..
wanna become my friend??
add comments here or send all about you via email at
I'll be waiting for your email..